Friday, July 26, 2013


One could never wish, a sorrier fate,
for a foe or friend, enemy or mate, 
spoken of, with extreme distaste, 
he's the man, you love to hate.
Shastri - the man and the image.

Erased are memories, of glory days,
of sixes hit, of winning ways,
time it was, he was the best around,
justly so, was the champion crowned.
Shastri - the world was his stage.

Slowly but, things turned around,
losses stared - a scapegoat was found,
selfish and arrogant, he was claimed,
for all evils, only one was named.
Shastri - the hunted and the caged.

Picking up the pieces, he resumed the fight,
the stars were away, but he showed their might,
leading from the front, the hungry pack,
to its rightful home, he got Ranji  back.
Shastri - the coming of age.

Also published on Cricinfo, 1994

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