Friday, July 26, 2013

An enchanting pair

Do you know the story, of this enchanting pair?
Regal and resolute, solid with flair.
A defeat once stared, but the duo said nay -
Valiantly they stood, battling an entire day.
Inspired by the two, the team came out as one
Dragons were slayed, and a victory was spun.

a miracle!, they said
never before, or in times ahead
deeds like these, ever get done.

Let's move forward, to two years and more,
Adelaide's the venue, and an amazing encore.
Xcuse me? Those two again?
Mocking history, in a manner so vain?
A team steps forward, one more battle is won
New chapters are needed, the war has just begun.

A sequel to "Reverse Swing"

also published on Cricinfo
Vishal Misra,  2003

Update. Dravid and Laxman read the poem and autographed it!

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